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10th january
lockdown show #4
And so ends the 73rd series, on top form as ever. No new rounds were played this week. No problem, still great fun. No for deep winter and vaccinations as quick as in time for the Spring series - watch this space as they say!

3rd january
lockdown show #3
First off, Happy New Year, here’s to the end of Covid and back to normalcy!

It was great to hear Barry and Graeme back on the show. And as for Pippa, well wow. If you missed it make sure you do catch her singing. The teams played one new round this week, called Updated Proverbs.

27th december
lockdown show #2
No new rounds were played this week, but they did manage to play a round of Mornington Crescent under the Covid Emergency Rules!

20th december
lockdown show #1
A show of our times, which I thought it worked well with the on-line audience, not to mention six panellists! They did play a few new rounds this week - Wink Murder Mystery, What's the Youth, and On-line Reviews. And remember, after tomorrow’s show the days start getting longer again.

13th december
new rounds from the first 2 shows
It has been lovely to hear Tim on top form in his last two recorded shows. he will be missed.

The teams played a few new rounds in the shows from Huddersfield. In the first show there was Ruin a Band With a Single Letter, while in the second show there was Masked Singer and Song Stoppers, as well a fun (if messy) round of Mornington Crescent played using Normal Rules.

22nd november
new isihac series starts soon
The next series of I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue will start on Monday 30th November. The series will start with the final two shows recorded with Tim Brooke-Taylor from before the first lockdown. The rest of the series will be special lockdown shows, with the panellists broadcasting from their homes. If all went well the shows will have a remote audience the same way the recent series of The News Quiz had.

The series will be bitter-sweet following the loss of Tim to COVID-19, but also a welcome perk-up for the current lockdown and dark autumnal evenings. I shall be raising a glass to Tim in the first two shows.

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