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22nd december
and so it ends for now
Time really flies when you are having fun. The 6 short weeks have gone by in a flash. Anyway, there were no new rounds played in this final show of the series.

All that leaves me to do is to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Here is to next year and what the show may bring!

15th december
back up and running
Ok, by the magic power of “shut the system down and leave it 10 minutes”, I seem to be back up and running. Hopefully I wont have any more problems before the series ends.

last show from portsmouth
In this show there was a great new prize to the winner of Pick Up Song. The teams also played two new rounds - Judge Jack, and Garden or Bedroom.

and the first from richmond
Always nice to have the original panellists on the show. The teams played two new rounds this week - Sponsored Songs and Duck Quotes.

8th december
techNicaL DifFiculTies
Many apologies, I am having problems with my web site software and as a result only minimal updates (by hand) can be done at the moment.

1st december
oldies but goodies this week
The teams did not play any new rounds this week. This show marks the half way point of the series, so still plenty to look forward too.

24th november
the laughter just keeps rolling on
Another fun show from Shrewsbury, however you pronounce it! No new rounds this week but they did play the Shropshire Hold’em version of Mornington Crescent.

17th november
yes, it’s back!
The summer seemed to be over so quickly yet it seems ages since the end of the last series, but here it is as good as ever. This first show started off with just one new round, Add an Adjective Songs. Can’t wait for the next show.

10th november
new series starts tomorrow
Some think of the end of October as when the clocks go back . I think of it as the count down to the start of the next series of ISIHAC. And here it is! It always makes the dark Monday evening more bearable. Don’t miss it.

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