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6th august
and that’s a wrap
And so another fun packed series reaches its end. No new rounds were played this week - Cat, Duck, Splash is a variation of Cat, Glass, Pudding. There was a great new prize for the winner of Pick Up Song, and they did play a round of Timed Morning Crescent.

The countdown has been reset for the next series starting in mid-November. It seems such a long way away. Sigh.

30th july
and on to birmingham
Alas, we are now on the home straight. Jan Ravens appears for the first time - it’s always nice to have new face, er, voice. This week just one new round was played, 20th Century Duck.

24th july
and then that was halifax
The teams finished their visit to Halifax with a new round called Piñata, along with playing Pick Up Song (with a marvellous new prize) and Mornington Crescent according to Montague’s Second Revision.

17th july
and now we are in halifax
In the first show from Halifax there were a couple of new rounds played, New Company Slogans, and one based on the Yorkshire counting game Fiddle Faddle. And it seems we have a new challenger to Jeremy Hardy’s singing with John Finnemore!

10th july
rounds from the next show
And by next show I mean show 2 from Guildford, just managed to do the update before today’s show. The teams played one new round called Bad Reviews, and there was a fabulous new prize for the winner of Pick Up Song.

2nd july
and so it begins …
Series number 67 started off in Guildford. There were two new rounds played in the first show, Who Do You Think They Are? and Linking Months.

25th june
summer series starts tomorrow
Grey skies? Let I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue bring sunshine into your Mondays for the next few weeks, starting tomorrow.

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